It is a little quiet here because we are working our asses off to save money for our land and building materials because we prefer not to work with banks. Also, it's winter, and we are both no winter people. It's not the cold, which I even miss at times being a Northerner, it is the lack of light. One of the main reasons we live in Spain is because, on average, we get the most light hours in Europe.


Another thing is, we are a little bit indecisive on where we want to settle. As many of you know, we are wanderers, so settling in one area is a huge deal for us. We are considering the following regions.



We know the city very well, it is like a second home to us. On the one hand a very social, left winged open bohemian society. Valencia reminds me a bit of Barcelona in the 90s. Not too overcrowded with tourists. On the other hand, Valencia is just a tad provincial. But there is a great contemporary art scene and a lot of creative people in general!



A very metropolitan, open-minded city with an excellent international airport so we can travel very easily. But a bit on the small side and aside from one small museum, hardly any contemporary art.



A small city with all the comfort you need. The lands over there are very cheap; I mean, really cheap. As in €10.000 for 15.000 square meters. We could buy that tomorrow. But ... yeah... Murcia! Can I call it my home?



Gorgeous lands, close to Barcelona, where we have a bit of a social life. And why not Barcelona I hear you think? Our primary concern is the Catalan people. We are not a fan of Catalunya, to say it politely. It has horrible politics, is overpriced, overcrowded, overrun with tourists and the inhabitants hate foreigners. I lived there for a year and had no contact whatsoever with the BCN people, only with expats, who all had the same problem. Nice city to visit, not to have as hometown!



Or rather, the whole Andalusian area. Beautiful nature, very relaxed, laid back culture, very friendly people. But overcrowded coastlines and fucking hot in the summer! Also, we have no experience whatsoever living there, so it will be a plunge into the unknown.



And then we have been thinking about moving to the Madrid area, between Salamanca and Madrid. It is GORGEOUS over there, the real Spain. Madrid is Awesome to have as our city, lots of art and design. But here the same as with Malaga, it's unchartered territory for us.


I mean, we plan to go full-on self-sufficient, sort of back to nature, but we do need a metropolitan injection once in a while.


Well, this is what keeps us busy lately. We can't wait to start blogging about the progress of designing, building and planting but first things first. We need land, and we need to make a choice!


Bear with us!