Current situation and the first steps

Our current situation and the first steps towards a self-sufficient homestead.


So we launched the website of Fierce & Flower, which is a wordplay on our last names. Here is a short summary of our current situation and the first things we will undertake this winter towards our main goal: to be self sufficient in thee years’ time and living a house we designed and built ourselves.


At this moment we live in a rented house with a small garden and a roof terras, just 10 kilometres under Valencia. This house is quite luxurious because we knew that it will take a while before our own house is built to the same level of comfort. And we also want to research in comfort before taking the big plunge.


We chose this area because we want to find a 10.000 m2 piece of land between Valencia and Alicante. Why 10.000 m2, I hear you think, isn't that a bit much? Well the reason is that we want to give a huge chunk of that land back to nature by using the permaculture technique. Attract wildlife, have an enormous wild flower garden for the declining bees and butterflies etc. We are hoping to buy the land in the second quarter of 2017.


Meanwhile we are already researching, reading and studying about Permaculture, Gardening, Farming, Homesteading and Herbalism to name a few. For the house we are investigating how we are going to build is as sustainable as possible, with techniques we can manage ourselves. At this moment WikiHouse seems like a viable option. Wout is preparing a post about that so more details will follow soon. It will be inspired by a Cortijo, an old Roman/Spanish traditional rural habitat, but a more contemporary version of that. The biggest challenges in this area will undoubtably be drinking water and generating and storing our own energy.


In the To-Do widget next to this post you will find an enormous list of tasks and the days remaining we have to reach our goal.