In what kind of house do you live?

People are curious about our current living situation, so I decided to let you have a peek! First of all, we are renting this house with an option of buying; it is a common thing in Spain. You rent it, and after one, two or three years you decide if you want to buy it and the rent is deducted from the asking price.


The ideal situation for us because, especially I, have some commitment issues when it comes to houses. An acquaintance called it a psychological disorder, I call it common sense!


But I must say that it is almost sure that we are buying this property next year. We already see and treat this house and the land as our own.


The land is 11.000m2, which is around 2,5 acres for my US/UK friends. It is a rocky area surrounded by pine trees. The land is on a hill but divided into four flat terraces. Two of those terraces are excellent as farmable land.


The house is a relatively new building, built on top of an old farm. It's not completely to our taste, but it is well insulated, so cool in summer and warm in winter. There are a simple kitchen and bathroom, and it is around 170 m2, so quite big. For now, we leave it like it is; it only needs a paint job, so we are thinking in the same colours as we had in our house in Mexico. Avocado green with red details. White is soo boring.


In the future, we want to make it our work studio and build our home on one of the terraces so that we can walk to work! How cool is that?


Next time I will write about those future plans and Wout will write a post about how we get water, electricity, internet and get rid of our waste!


YES, we live completely off grid baby!


Love that!