It all started when...

... we lived on the country for a sabbatical year from our city life as designers. Once back in the city, we knew we could never get used to the ratrace again. That’s when we decided to start growing our own food and become self-sufficient homesteaders, all the while still being artists and making art.


This website will hold the journey towards building our own paradise. First we’ll buy a huge piece of farmable land to get started growing crops. The next big step will be to design and then build our own farmhouse. All of this is a timespan of about three years, or so we hope.


Who are we? We are a male duo. One from Belgium and one from the Netherlands, now living close to the lovely city Valencia in Spain. We are artists/designers, working together for over 15 years. Together we accomplished numerous projects. From theatre to film, interior to art, art installations to owning an art gallery. We lived on 2 continents, in 7 countries and a lots of cities. Now we are ready for our master project, Fierce & Flower.


In three years we will have a 10.000 m2 land with a Farmhouse, gardens, animals, an art studio in the garden and three visitor units, which will be available to rent as guest houses for those who want a taste of the natural way of living.


And for those who think we are going to live in the forest eating beets in a burlap poncho, we are not! We want to prove that you can have a contemporary fashionable life of grid on your own terms not depending on the multinationals.