Our art is moving in a very different direction

After a break of 4 months from Mick + Wout, our online art gallery, we are changing direction in our artwork. We decided to make art from scratch. Which means making our paper, pigments, and inks. All sourced out of our garden or nature. We strive to be as self-sufficient as possible in our private life so why not in our artwork.


The inspiration for that came from a book I purchased on Amazon called "The Organic Artist" by Nick Neddo. It is a fantastic book. He makes everything himself even crayons and printing inks.


Next to that we are planning to buy a kiln again. At last, we have the time, space and rest to make more ceramics. We did so four years ago, quite successful I have to say, but we weren't ready yet. Ceramics is a very slow process, and we were living fast at that time. But more about that later.


Because we are planning to source everything out of our garden, we need a few months before we can produce new art. We need to grow flowers for pigments and plants to produce paper. We are even going to make our own tools, yes you can make your own brushes, pencils even felt tips.


So it will take a while before we have new artwork; nevertheless, we will still be running our online gallery in the background.