My new Job is where my Home is!

After some current events, thinking, discussing and sleeping over it, I made a life-changing decision, just before I turn 50. I am quitting all my "real money making" jobs as a designer, art director and artist and try to live off my Smallholding.  I am so incredibly happy here and very inspired by other smallholders and homesteaders making it work successfully.


I do hear you gasp, and clutch your pearls, thinking: "Is he gone mad!"? No, I am not. This is what I want to do in the second part of my life. Be closer to nature, step out of the rat race - called society - and be me, really me, and not the one I play to make people comfortable.


I am the first one to go on working 100% for Fierce & Flower. Wout is going to work for his clients a few more years. But after three to five years, he is planning to slowly reduce his programming work too so that he can join in. He is a tad younger than me, you know.


So, the first few years I will be cutting back on costs like travelling, dining out, theatre, fashion and all that stuff I used to work for. Time to concentrate on this honest lifestyle our ancestors used to live, many decades before we polluted and exploited this beautiful planet.


After that, I hope to have an income of my plants and produce of them. I am planning to grow organic herbs and edible flowers for restaurants. I want a guesthouse as Bed & Breakfast, write about going back to nature and of course, make art. But this time making art supplies myself, like paper and pigments. The possibilities are endless.


To be continued