No Mortgage for us, thank you very much!

This week we were looking at some lands in the neighbourhood, well neighbourhood, it was a 90-minute drive. One of the lands was fantastic, gorgeous views, full with almond and olive trees, but was next to a hideous industrial town. And I mean literally next to it. So that was a big no. The other two were too close to neighbours.


So we did not find a land this month. What we did find was a lot of knowledge. We must seek land further away from cities and towns. Which is a good thing because that means they will be more affordable. The estates we visited were all around 45.000 euro for around 12.000 m2. When we go a little further, let's say 70 km, we pay 15.000 euro for the same. So you pay to be close to civilisation and we want to get out of this polluting shitpile called society.


Another thing we learned is we don't want a mortgage. While sitting at the office of the real estate agent, I went bonkers. I realised that we have to pay a lot of money to a bunch of unnecessary mediators.


Next to that the bank, god I hate banks, will also take a piece of your money. And at the end of the day you buy a land, but truly, it is the bank's property until it is fully paid off. And I refuse to make the rich richer. Now I know why a mortgage is called a mortgage: "mort gage" means a "dead pledge".


So Wout and I are going to work a little harder, spend a lot less money, cut out some luxuries, sell stuff that is lying around on eBay and save up so we can pay that piece of land in cash. Cut out the bank altogether. If our calculations are right, we could pay for it in April. Let´s live like a hermit next few months.