So how are you going to build your house?

We’ve been talking about building our own house for many years but never found the time or place right to do it. Now that we made the decision to built our own paradise here in Spain, all those ideas can finally be brought to life. In fact we already have a perfect mental picture of the whole complex, including an art studio, stables, guest units and chicken coops. Now it’s about finding the right technique and materials that will enable us to do most of the work ourselves.


Wood will be the primary material, that’s for sure. I love wood and it’s something we can handle easily. One main concern though is that it can’t look like, or even bear the slightest resemblance to a log cabin. Adding other materials, a green roof and green walls will help to avoid that.


One project that’s particularly interesting to build on is WikiHouse. It’s basically a big puzzle in wood that can be assembled without any screws at all. We would have to buy (or build) a CNC router to cut the pieces ourselves. That way we can start out with a basic unit and extend the puzzle as we go. And best of all, this system requires just two people to set up the structure of a house in just a few days.


While we still have to research a lot of other possibilities, this is a very good example of what we are aiming for. A final decision can only be made once we have found the ground to build on. If there is a ruin on there or even an old wall, something we would like very much, we will incorporate those elements as well. Such an approach will give the building some history and more character.


Now, if we could only find that land…