So tell me, are you still making art?

So tell me, are you still making art?


This question is asked numerous times after we closed our art gallery in Sitges, Barcelona. That is why I decided to dedicate a blogpost to it, against my principle of explaining oneself.


Yes, I will continue to make art, but I have decided to take a long break. In 2016 I made around 70 pieces of art, more than I made in my entire life. Normally I make around four to five pieces a year. I felt a bit like an art producing prostitute. Having a successful art gallery means you have to produce or you end up with empty walls.


I did tried to work with other artists to get some time to pause. But after three months I noticed that it would be too much work. Artists not responding to our invitations. Or they do respond and stop communicating in the middle of negotiations. And even one that bailed out just weeks before the exhibit. I got the confirmation again that I am not a team player. That is the reason we made everything ourselves.


Of course there were artists who were eager to exhibit, but they were not very good.


I am an artist and always will be until the day I die. I just need a break and I am swamped with our Fierce and Flower project which is taking most of our time these days. Let's build our house first! 


I do know that if I enter my art studio again I will give it another direction. I am thinking about picking up sculpture again, one of my first loves in art, or ceramics. And more experimental, no more focussing on sales but on depth and storytelling. Definitely no collages anymore, I made enough collages for a lifetime. Meanwhile our work is still at display on Mick + Wout.