So what kind of land are you looking for?

So what kind of land are you looking for?


I think one of the hardest tasks in our journey to our self-sufficient paradise is finding a land. We do have a few boxes that should be ticked.


First of all, it should be at least 10.000 m2 big, because one of the most important wishes is to give at least half of it back to nature. With a little help like sowing wildflowers, planting trees, digging swales and ponds. But after that, let it go wild and flourish.


Second: We do need a land with a building permission for a large enough area because we want to build our sustainable house on that land including stables and studios.


Third is location. Not too far from an international airport, maximum one hour driving. Not too far from the coast because I need a sea close by. Not too high in the Spanish mountains because they have very harsh winters. And preferably close to a city to stay in touch with modern culture once in a while.


Fourth: Surroundings, we don’t want to be close to an industrial area, factories or in the middle of a heavy agricultural zone where the is only monoculture and the poison that comes with it.


Fifth, and this one is hard, it must be relatively flat. A hill is fine, as long as it’s not too steep. There is a lot of land for sale but most of them are rocky mountains. Can’t do nothing with that can you!


And last but not least: access to water and electricity to start out. We are going to build a small solar plant but in the first two/three years or so we do need electricity from the grid to get started.


For those who are wondering about the price, land like this in the regions of Valencia Capital is around 60.000 euro. But if we go a little bit more south, towards Alicante and Murcia, it is almost half of that.


Let’s search some more.

To be continued…