So what´s up with the herbs?

I am totally obsessed by all things herbs. I love the plants, the flowers, the taste and most important, the health benefits you get from herbs. It fascinates me for over twenty years now and I decided to go deeper into it and study Herbalism.


We are planning a huge herb garden in our paradise. We will also create a dedicated garden room where I can prepare stuff like teas, infusions, tinctures and body care products. I am not new at this, I have been making a few redemies for myself and for friends.


Personally I never use medicine. If I have a discomfort like headache, cramp or fever I always use natural medicine and now I want to learn how to make all of them myself. It fascinates me. Also, I have a deep disrespect for the pharmaceutical industry. I have seen and see so much misery in some people around me who just swallow anything the doctor prescribes. They get awful side effects from the medicine. But wait, they have another pill for that side effect as well! Really upsetting and stupid. Most of the solutions can be found in nature and most synthetic medicines are just a copies from natural components.


Don’t take me wrong, I know that there are great cures in regular medicine. But I think a lot of us swallow chemicals to quickly.


A great read on this matter is “Grow your own Drugs” from James Wong. He has a television series too which can be found on Youtube. It is a must see, it is fantastic.


So this winter I will be reading and brewing and testing like a madman. And no, I will not be wearing a witches head or carry a wand!



I will be posting my learning curve, knowledge and finds on this blog under the category "Herbalism"