The doubt of sharing

We have been living on our new property for two weeks now, and we intensely enjoy every second of it. Nature, the wildlife, the time we have to reflect the last few years of searching where we belong. We are making plans for tomorrow, next month and even next year, which is a first for us. Sheds must be designed and built, land prepared, books to be read. Every morning, while drinking our morning coffee, books about renewable energy, homesteading, permaculture, biodynamic gardening are greedily eaten with our eyes and minds.


Every day I think, I must start writing on Fierce and Flower about this soon, and Blog, Instagram and Tweet daily about it, until last night. I turned to Wout and said: "I doubt if we must share this all and use that energy in another way."


Don't get me wrong I love writing and sharing images of my life, but when you go on the internet, you find a lot of people who are doing just the same. And even if I aspire to live closer and in more harmony with nature I also strive to be unique. That has been my motto all my life. "Be yourself, everybody else is already taken."


So this morning after a good night rest - boy do I sleep well these days in the fresh mountain air - I made the decision to write regularly, post a daily picture and once in a while post a video of the new life we have chosen. Because even if there is just one person that I can inspire to be more conscious in the way we treat our planet, be aware of the animal cruelty in our society, think about consumerism and materialism, produce less waste or even switching to a plant based diet, I consider it a success.