Why now? Why not sooner...

Why now? Why not sooner…?


For those who know us, the Fierce & Flower project came a bit as a surprise because we are known for traveling, moving, setting up different (small) enterprises. Well, here is how we got to this point.


About seven years ago Mick was ready to set up a homestead, live a more grounded life in nature with animals and being totally self-sufficient. All while making art of course, because that's part of his life.


But Wout wasn’t ready. He needed to explore some more. Since this project is a ten year plan, you don’t start and leave it after a year. So we explored silversmithing, photography, printmaking, ceramics, 3d printing, fashion while moving between European cities. Finally, after seven years, we ended with an art gallery in Sitges, Barcelona.


The day after we opened the art gallery we looked at each other and decided this was the last stop. The time was right to start thinking about Fierce & Flower. So for those who know us and wonder “what the hell?”, we knew all along this was going to be our master project.


 Photo: Mick in 2010 when he gave up his garden to explore some more.